Churches and Groups

Partnership with churches and groups throughout the Southwest Virginia community are critical to the PRC. There are many ways that your church or group (community organizations, Bible studies, women’s groups, youth groups, campus ministries, etc.) can be involved:

  • Provide a PRC Advocate from your church or organization.
  • Participate in the Baby Bottle Campaign.
  • Organize a Walk for Life team.
  • Become a LifeSponsor by adding the PRC to your monthly missions budget.
  • Arrange for your group to do a PRC mission project.
  • Encourage church members to become PRC volunteers.
  • Invite a PRC representative to speak at your church service or small group meeting.
  • Host a baby shower for the PRC.
  • Arrange for your small group to tour one of the PRC’s clinics.

In addition to the ways above, we would love the opportunity to talk with you about any other ideas you may have about how your church or group can get involved with the ministry of the PRC. For more information about involvement, please call 540-402-4306.