About Us

Offering Hope

When an unplanned pregnancy arises, a woman and her partner may have a hard time seeing beyond how it affects their immediate future. Many see abortion as their only option.

The Pregnancy Resource Center of Southwest Virginia is dedicated to presenting women with all of their options. We are a non-profit medical clinic and Christian outreach for those facing an unplanned pregnancy. We do not perform or refer for abortions. We have been serving this community since 1985.

Serving Southwest Virginia, we operate three clinics with locations in Blacksburg, Radford, and Wytheville. All of our services are free and confidential and include:


We offer free and confidential medical services including pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and limited STI testing.


We offer pregnancy options counseling to help walk clients through their options and connect them with resources they need with us or in the community.


We offer an education program on a variety of pregnancy and parenting topics. These classes are one-on-one to provide individualized support to each client.


We provide material needs support for clients in our education program. By taking the classes, they earn credits toward material needs such as diapers, clothing, baby items, and more.

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