Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

An exciting opportunity to be the Chief Executive Officer of an effective and growing ministry that promotes a culture of life by saving the unborn through free medical services and openly sharing the gospel.  The Pregnancy Resource Center is seeking a proven self-starter to lead this dynamic team of dedicated, Christian nurses, counselors and volunteers across three locations in Southwest Virginia.

Interested candidates should submit a resume and cover letter to PRC Board CEO Search Committee, at

Objectives of the Position

The CEO has responsibility for the overall management of the Pregnancy Resource Center of Southwest Virginia as directed by the PRC Board of Directors. The primary tasks are to provide spiritual encouragement, lead the implementation of the PRC ministry strategic plan, provide professional nonprofit leadership and supervision, as well as direct, train and evaluate and set goals for staff.  The CEO will partner with local churches and community leaders by leading the unique ministry of the PRC to provide and impact the upholding of the sanctity of human life, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, offering Christian help and hope, and committing to serve God with excellence while reflecting the faithful stewardship of the ministry’s resources.

Reports to: Board of Directors

Supervises: Center Directors; Director level leaders


  • A committed Christian who demonstrates a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
  • A strong commitment and dedication to upholding the sanctity of all human life.
  • Agreement with and willingness to uphold the Statements of Faith, Statements of Principle, the Mission Statement and Center’s policies.
  • Demonstrates excellence of Christian character traits in carrying out duties.
  • Administrative and organizational skills with experience in a non-profit and/or human services, medical, business, educational, or Christian ministry leadership setting. 
  • Demonstrated ability to develop  and implement strategic plans, goals and objectives that reflect the mission and ministry of the organization.
  • Ability to provide non-profit, Christian leadership to a team serving in multiple locations.
  • Ability to adapt and lead a team through ministry growth and outreach opportunities.
  • Ability to partner effectively with local churches and other community organizations and leaders.
  • Skilled in interpersonal communication, public speaking, evangelism, human resources and servant leadership.
  • Be a self-starter who carries out responsibilities with minimal supervision.
  • Preferred Masters in education, human services, medical, ministry, business, and/or non-profit leadership.
  • Preferred 5 years experience in a leadership or management role.

Major Responsibilities:

Administration and Management

  • Supervise or execute the selection, training and coordination of staff  to ensure an effective, Christ-centered ministry to clients that meets the mission and vision of the PRC Board of Directors.
  • Develop, execute and refine a viable and efficient organizational structure to optimally utilize the staff, volunteer and medical resources in meeting the goals and objectives of the organization.
  • Monitor, evaluate, and grow the operations of the ministry as needed in order to continuously improve the overall effectiveness of patient services.
  • Perform a legal audit as needed for the organization, as agreed with the PRC Board of Directors.
  • Annually review and update the ministry’s operational policies and procedures, bylaws, and ministry documents with the Board of Directors, in accordance with governmental policies. Keep the Board of Directors and staff informed of relevant activities, progress , weaknesses and strengths of the organization.
  • Provide confident leadership to the organization as a whole that ensures stewardship of PRC resources in areas to include, but not be limited to, finances, material resources, building and equipment, office management, technological resources, and annual budget plan.
  • Ensure specific and timely communication of all financial gifts of donors by following an annually reviewed donor acknowledgment plan.
  • Assist in the development of the ministry’s annual budget and coordinate the ongoing budgetary process with the Board of Directors Treasurer.
  • Attend all Board of Directors meetings and provide an appropriate and timely CEO report. The CEO will provide regular reports to the Board in all ministry areas: finance, medical, patient services, operational and statistical reports, testimonials, training updates, etc.
  • Coordinate and ensure implementation of the annual ministry calendar that includes fundraising, pastor events, patient outreach and other special events.
  • Regularly attend conferences and training provided by pro life organizations such as Heartbeat International.


  • Work with the PRC Board of Directors to determine an annual Strategic ( or multi-year) plan for the PRC ministry. The CEO will implement the plan and keep the Board of Directors informed of the progress.
  • Recruit and hire qualified and competent staff members. Provide ongoing appropriate training and supervision to each member of the Director team. Ensure supervision and appropriate training is provided by all supervisors for support staff.
  • Provide leadership, managerial support and supervision of the ministry’s paid staff positions including written and oral performance evaluations/reviews.
  • Have regular and consistent meetings with the Director level staff, both individually and as a group, to assess needs, progress, goal attainment, address weaknesses and celebrate strengths. Ensure meetings and appropriate supervision is provided to all support staff and volunteers.
  • Spiritually nurture the staff and maintain open and concerned relationships with each team member.

Public Relations and Fundraising

  • Communicate regularly and on an as needed basis with supporters/donors through newsletters, letters, personal contact, ministry presentations, etc. with a concentration on major contributors to the organization.
  • Seek opportunities to represent the ministry in the community to raise credibility and to foster relationships with community organizations, especially those that serve our target demographic, etc.
  • Seek to partner with churches and other Christian organizations with the goal of obtaining involvement and financial participation of individuals and churches.
  • Develop an intentional plan to nurture relationships with supporting churches of like faith and purpose.
  • Build relationships with other Christian ministries and organizations that help to meet the needs of the client base and may become points of referral.
  • Represent the ministry to the media as the designated spokesperson.
  • Develop, revise and oversee the marketing and development of all promotional messages and materials for clients, supporters, churches and the community.
  • Oversee the selection of appropriate advertising media, including digital platforms, which best meet the organization’s needs, purposes and goals.