Fundraising Guide

Quick Tips

Quick tips to help you get started with fundraising for the Walk for Life.

Set a personal fundraising goal

The higher the goal, the more you’ll raise! Would you donate more to a friend if their goal was $100 or $1,000? People want to support you! Setting a high goal shows ambition and commitment to a cause you believe in!

Contact everyone who donated to you last year

Thank them for their gift and ask for their support again. Ask for a specific amount; if they can’t donate that much they will offer what they can.

Start early

Start sooner so you will have more time!y.As soon as you register, get organized and start asking!

Let your donors know their donations are tax deductible.

Donate to yourself

Others will appreciate that you are devoting both your time and your own finances. 

Be enthusiastic when asking for pledges

Remind people that their money makes a difference in the lives of moms, dads and babies! You are offering hope in a moment of crisis or fear!

Personalize your fundraising webpage

Adding your own text, pictures or video to your fundraising webpage. Your donors will be interested in the cause, but they are more interested in you. Tell them why you’re getting involved and how you’re connected to the PRC.

How to Raise Over $1000 in Two Weeks

Week 1

  • Sponsor yourself for $50. 
  • Direct message close friends on Facebook asking for a $25 pledge. If four come through, that’s $100!  
  • Ask two family members to sponsor you for $50 each
  • Ask two coworkers to sponsor you for $25. 
  • Ask five neighbors to sponsor you for $20. 
  • Ask five member of your sports team to sponsor you for $20

Week 2

  • Post the link to your fundraising webpage on Facebook asking for a $15 pledge. If seven come through, that’s $105! 
  • Ask four friends to sponsor you for $25. 
  • Ask five church friends to sponsor you for $20. 
  • Ask four local small business owners to sponsor you for $50. 
  • Ask your employer or your parents’ employer(s) to match your pledge of $50 for a another $50 to $100

Remember: Some people you ask may need a gentle reminder, so follow up. 

For information on how to track your pledges, see our Guide to Recording Pledges.