Client Comments

A random sampling of comments from our Client Feedback Survey:

Did the staff seem interested in you and your needs?

  • The nurse asked me questions, and explained a lot in detail, which helped a lot. ~17 y/o client
  • Yes, and if I had a question the counselor would stop, listen, and answer it. ~18 y/o client
  • The people were very patient, kind, and compassionate. ~30 y/o client
  • Couldn’t ask for more genuine, real people. ~24 y/o client
  • She actually paid attention to what I said instead of just nodding and overlooking it. ~18 y/o client

What information did you gain from the ultrasound examination?

  • I’m going to be a Mom! They helped me find out where I need to go to get help and what to do. ~19 y/o client
  • The heartbeat, where the yolk sac, bladder, and also where the vaginal canal was. ~17 y/o client
  • That I have a little one and I’m excited. It’s a little person! ~20 y/o client
  • Everyone had very helpful information so I could make the right decision for myself. ~22 y/o abortion minded client who chose life

What did you like best or least about the medical services you received?

  • They were concerned about me as a person and weren’t a business. ~19 y/o abortion-minded client who chose life.
  • The nurse was very kind and non-judgmental. She answered all of my questions. ~18 y/o client
  • The staff was great, and it wasn’t a “scary visit.” ~ 17 y/o client
  • That they talked to me and didn’t treat me like a child! ~19 y/o client
  • Friendliness of staff, not common to other help organizations. ~27 y/o client
  • Warm environment with a loving Christian atmosphere. ~28 y/o client
  • The one on one time they spent with me. I didn’t feel rushed. Very nice staff. ~25 y/o client

Did the ultrasound exam influence your decision regarding this pregnancy?

  • Yes. Seeing the baby changed everything. ~30 y/o abortion minded client who chose life
  • Yes. Made it even harder to consider termination. ~ 29 y/o abortion-minded client who chose life
  • Yes. I think I’m going to keep it for sure. ~23 y/o client
  • Yes. What I was going to do changed after I saw the baby. ~21 y/o abortion minded client who chose life
  • Yes. It definitely made me more excited to have my baby. ~19 y/o client

General Comments:

  • This clinic has helped a lot and has been there for me and my boyfriend. Also, the people here are very helpful and kind. ~19 y/o client
  • This is a sensitive yet strong agency that gives you relief. I’m very thankful. Thank you for all your help! ~19 y/o client
  • The Pregnancy Resource Center has a lot of different programs to offer. Very nice center. ~25 y/o client